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Subject:Sabine/Neches Daily Update
Date:Thursday, April 12, 2018
Seafog Outlook_04122018.pdf    

PILOT/TRAFFIC ADVISORIES <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">


Sabine Pilots advise that three daylight restricted vessels started outbound transit at 0600/12th.

Three daylight restricted vessels are scheduled for inbound transit approx 1100/12th and a fourth

at approx 1600/12th.



U.S.C.G ADVISORIES:<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">







Seafog outlook is attached.


Gulf of Mexico Synopsis - April 12, 2018 High pressure will remain over the gulf for one more day with moderate to fresh southeast winds and 2-4 foot seas forecast.  The development of a strong upper low over the Central US on Friday, however, will see surface winds  across the western gulf increase from the Texas Coast down into the Southeast Louisiana Deep Water areas.  Winds may begin to strengthen ahead as early as the overnight hours tonight with fresh to strong southeast winds and near-gale gusts possible.  As a result, building moderate seas of 5-7 feet are anticipated across the western half of the gulf with a sharp decline in winds and especially seas from the Southeast Louisiana and East of the Delta areas into the Eastern Gulf Deep Water area.  Across these latter locations, moderate to fresh breezes will be more common with seas staying in the 3-4 foot range through Friday afternoon and early evening.  The aforementioned upper low is expected to deepen significant late Friday while also gradually shifting eastward.  This will allow for elevated conditions across the western gulf to expand east and overspread the rest of the gulf Friday night. Strong to gale southeast winds are forecast after midnight on Saturday with building rough seas of 8-10 feet.  Complicating the forecast, a strong cold front is forecast to push into the gulf Saturday morning and makes its way through the rest of the gulf by Sunday morning.  Frequent northwest gales are forecast behind the front with a second area of 8-10 foot seas sliding from west to east across the gulf into Sunday morning. Conditions will finally improve by Monday.  



CUSTOMS AND BORDER PROTECTION INFO<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">




Closure Times<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">





Jan 1st – 1400 (Reduced channel draft 38ft 06in) North winds <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Jan 2nd – 1400 (Draft restriction lifted) <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Jan 7th – 1905 (Pilot service suspended (fog)) <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Jan 8th – 0430 (Pilot service resumed) <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Jan 10th – 0130 (Pilot service suspended (fog)) <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Jan 10th – 0930 (Pilot service resumed) <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Jan 10th – 1333 (Pilot service suspended (fog)) <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Jan 11th – 1200 (Pilot service resumed)<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Jan 12th – 0001 (Pilot service suspended to SB Buoy (high winds/seas)) <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Jan 12th – 1030 (Pilot service resumed to SB Buoy) <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Jan 16th – 1000 (Pilot service suspended (high winds/seas)) <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Jan 17th – 1200 (Pilot service resumed) <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Jan 21st – 0340 (Pilot service suspended (fog)) <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Jan 22nd – 0700 (Pilot service resumed) <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Jan 27th – 1400 (Pilot service suspended (fog)) <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Jan 28th – 1200 (Pilot service resumed) <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Feb 3rd – 2230 (Pilot service suspended (fog)) <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Feb 4th – 1030 (Pilot service resumed) <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Feb 5th – 2230 (Pilot service suspended (fog)) <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Feb 7th – 0930 (Pilot service resumed) <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Feb 9th – 1810 (Pilot service suspended (fog)) <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Feb 11th – 1230 (Pilot service resumed) <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Feb 14th – 0134 (Pilot service suspended (fog)) <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Feb 16th - 1300 (Pilot service resumed outbound only with limited draft movements of 33ft)<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Feb 16th - 1900 (Pilot service suspended (fog))<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Feb 19th – 0700 (Pilot service resumed)<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Feb 20th – 0150 (Pilot service suspended (fog))<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Feb 20th – 1030 (Pilot service resumed)<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Feb 20th – 2018 (Pilot service suspended (fog))<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Feb 21st – 1100 (Pilot service resumed)<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Feb 21st – 1940 (Pilot service suspended to SB Buoy (fog))<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Feb 21st – 2225 (Pilot service suspended to 29/30 Buoy (fog))<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Feb 22nd – 1100 (Pilot service resumed)<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Feb 22nd – 1830 (Pilot service suspended (fog))<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Feb 24th – 0030 (Pilot service resumed)<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Feb 27th – 1630 (Pilot service suspended (fog))<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Feb 28th – 0200 (Pilot service resumed)<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Mar 17th – 0320 (Pilot service suspended (fog))<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Mar 17th – 1730 (Pilot service resumed)<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Mar 18th – 1815 (Pilot service suspended (fog))

Mar 19th – 1300 (Pilot service resumed)


•           Vessels 85,000 DWT or over, 875 FT LOA or over or 125FT beam or over will transit during daylight hours only above Texaco Island. Only         one(1) of the limitations has to be met to restrict a vessel.<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

•           Daylight Restriction times are based on the daylight hours and are adjusted according to sun rise/sun set.  Current times as follows, the           terminals shown are the ones that handle Aframax size vessels which are typically daylight restricted.<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">




ExxonMobil                  0500-1100 Hrs Approx Transit time “SB” Buoy to Berth – 8hrs <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Enterprise BMW            0500-1130 Hrs <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Sun Terminal                 0500-1200 Hrs <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Phillips 66                     0500-1200 Hrs<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Motiva PN                     0500-1330 Hrs <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Total                             0500-1400 Hrs Approx Transit time “SB” Buoy to Berth – 5.5hrs <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">




ExxonMobil                  0600-1430 Hrs <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Enterprise BMW            0600-1500 Hrs<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Sun Terminal                 0600-1530 Hrs <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Phillips 66                     0600-1530 Hrs <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Motiva PN                     0600-1630 Hrs <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

Total                             0600-1700 Hrs <span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">


•       Vessels with the combined beam of one-half the width of the channel will not meet/pass day or night.<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">

•       Any vessel that meets or exceeds either or both 860FT LOA or 120FT beam will require two pilots.<span-family:"Arial",sans-serif">



Notice posted on Thursday, April 12, 2018

For quality assurance purposes please note well that while the above information is regularly vetted for accuracy it is not intended to replace the local knowledge or expertise pertaining to port conditions of our marine operations personnel. Port précis should always be verified by contacting the corresponding marine department of a particular location for the most up-to-date information.